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This news section is used to post news of events and competitions which particularly involve bowlers. the addition of news items will be announced on the Bowlers' WhatsApp group. Please stay alert! If anyone would like to add a relevant item of news, please contact Johanna.
Bowls Committee representative 2023/24
At the Club's Annual General Meeting on 9 November 2023 Chris LeMay, the Men's Bowls Captain, was elected to the Club Committee.
2024 Competitions
The time has come for the Club to sign up for Ealing & District competitions in 2024 - or not. A copy of their letter can be found here. Please contact Chris or Johanna with your preferences so Chris can deal with this when he returns from holiday.


The Club welcomes all new and experienced bowlers who wish to try out or continue participation in this great sport.

The Bowling season is from mid April to the end of September and Members can access the green at any time during those months. Competitive and friendly matches against other Clubs take place during the week.

During the season new bowlers will be given free coaching from experienced players and then they can continue to improve at their own pace.

Flat soled shoes must be worn on the green. For casual ‘roll ups’ there is no dress code and you can bowl barefoot. The Club will provide bowls (woods) for new players trying out the sport.

If you’d like to find out more about bowling please contact: