Bowling at WLBC

Bowling with WLBC

Play on the green

Club members may play at any time, but please consult the events timetable before planning a visit, and adhere to the Members’ Code of Conduct.  Please note the hours during which you Membership Card operates the electronic gate, and make a note of the emergency exit code and contact numbers.

Regular roll-ups

All bowls players of all standards are welcome to join us for an informal game lasting approximately two hours.  These sessions are held twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, in the season, starting at 2.30 pm.  If you are not already a paid-up Member of the Club you will be asked to pay a guest fee of £3.00 per visit.

Introductory sessions

If you are unsure of the rules of lawn bowls, or of the practical arrangements for play at the Club (such as how to turn off the electric fence, where to find the equipment), one of our members will be available for half an hour before the regular roll-ups to answer any individual questions you may have, or to arrange an individual introductory session at another time.  The Bowls England website has useful information about the terms used in play, and also about competitions, if you are a more experienced bowler.

Dress code

For Club roll-ups and individual play on the green we ask only that you dress modestly and wear suitable shoes to protect the surface of the green.  Bowling shoes are preferred, but any trainer with no heel and as smooth a sole as possible is acceptable. 

If you are participating in an inter-club competition, players are asked to comply with the prevailing dress code.  The club can supply you with a WLBC-branded shirt and/or cap.  Please speak to the relevant Bowls Captain.

Join us on WhatsApp

For the most up-to-the-minute conversations about green conditions and plans for play that day, ensure you are a member of our WhatsApp group.  Contact the Bowls Secretary ( to arrange to join the group.  You will be asked for your consent to the sharing of your name and telephone number with other Members of the Club.

Storage lockers

We have a number of personal lockers for the storage of sports equipment, which Members may sign up for.  There are usually some available for new joiners.  Contact the Bowls Secretary if you are interested in taking a locker.


The Club is affiliated to Bowls England through the County representative (Middlesex County Bowling Association) and to Ealing and District Bowling Association, which is an independent association of bowling clubs in West London.  Affiliation and sign-up for the following season’s competitions usually take place in October / November.  We try to arrange an informal meeting of all regular bowlers at the end of the summer season to discuss competition entry the following year.

Bowls Secretary and Bowls Captains

The Club is run by a Committee elected by the Members at the Annual General Meeting in the autumn.  There are three vacancies each year for Bowls Secretary and two Captains (Men’s and Ladies’) who serve a one year term but can put themselves forward for re-election.  Details of Committee members organising and representing bowls this year can be found here [hyperlink to Committee page].

More information about getting started at bowls

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